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Unitronic launches software power upgrade for Audi TT-RS and RS3

Unitronic has launched its Performance Software for the 2.5TFSI EA855 EVO  engine found in the Audi 8S TTRS and 8V RS3.  Unitronic’s Performance Software can be flashed directly through the vehicle’s OBD-II port with Unitronic’s UniCONNECT+™ Programming and Diagnostic Interface and at Unitronic’s  Authorised Dealer Network.



With baseline figures and data acquisition completed in stock format using Unitronic’s 8S TTRS and 8V RS3, Unitronic interprets the data and recalibrates the engine control unit to achieve optimal performance through an increase in boost pressure, optimised ignition timing, lambda, camshaft timing, and much more.

Unitronic says its performance software is optimised for maximum performance while staying within the constraints of the OEM hardware to ensure reliability and drivability resulting in Stage 1 (91 octane/98 RON) and Stage 1+ (93 octane/98 RON) ECU Calibrations.

Unitronic’s Stage 1 Performance Software is engineered for an otherwise completely stock vehicle, requiring no supporting hardware modifications, producing 476 HP/ 469 lb-ft of torque. Using 93 octane/98 RON fuel, Stage 1+ further optimises ignition timing to take advantage of the higher grade fuel, producing an increase in output to 505 HP/ 496 lb-ft of torque.  Stage 1+ also does not require any other supporting hardware modifications.

Unitronic’s 2018 Audi TTRS was the first of its kind into the 10’s in the 1/4 mile, running a 10.93@126.33mph with a 1.65 60ft; using only Unitronic’s Stage 1+ ECU Performance software. The car was otherwise 100% stock, including stock DSG calibration and stock 20″ wheels and tyres.

Unitronic’s Performance Software is programmable directly through the OBD-II port and is UniCONNECT+ compatible.

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