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Driving in Iceland – the land of fire and ice

If you want to make the most of a holiday in Iceland you need a car. The only way you can take your own vehicle is to catch the ferry that runs from Hirthals on the northern tip of Denmark to Seyðisfjørður, a remote location in eastern Iceland. The trip …

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Urus – Most desirable Lamborghini ever?

Do you remember when car makers like Range Rover, Mercedes, BMW and Audi first launched performance SUVs? Quite a few people were bemused at the time as to why anyone wanting a performance car would opt for a heavyweight 4×4. Anyone who thought those cars would not sell, could hardly …

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Porsche Cayenne Turbo Review

Porsche purists were horrified when the sports car company launched the first Cayenne SUV back in 2002. The car went on to be such a massive success that it is has made the company what it is today. Since then of course the SUV has become the default car model …

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New Bentley Continental – The Epitome of GT

Unveiled at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017, the new Bentley Continental GT offers bolder and sleeker looks, enhanced luxury, the latest in-car technology and even greater performance than ever. The Continental name has been used on various Bentleys over the decades, but the first of the latest …

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