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ABT Aerowheel Now Available for Audi RS4 and RS5 owners

First seen at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, Audi tuner ABT has announced that a limited run of its exclusive ABT Aerowheel will be available in 21 inch Racing Gold. After the special edition ABT RS4-R sold out and with only limited stock of the ABT RS5-R coupés remaining, the Bavarian tuner has released these wheels for other Audi RS 4 and RS 5 drivers . The total price for a set of four is 11,690 euros.

Audi RS and RS5 ABT AerowheelApart form the distinctive gold finish, visible carbon rims are the main difference between the ABT Aerowheel and the ABT SPORT GR alloy wheel, on which it is based.

The history of the new alloy wheel is just as exclusive. Originally the rim was only a concept study, which received additional backing through the special project ABT RS6+ Phoenix by Jon Olsson. With Olsson’s input, the aerowheels for his ABT RS6+ “Phoenix” were developed first. These were handmade prototypes, which were based on the FR design, and differed significantly from the production version. Like the wheel, the original aerorings were made of aluminium.

“Due to the positive feedback from the show, we decided to produce a nearly identical limited series of the concept study wheel for the Audi RS 4 and RS 5,” enthused CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt.

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